Our Dogs

We strive to produce sound hard-working on farm or trial dogs, sport dogs as well as active family companions. We ONLY breed Pure Bred dogs that are registered with Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA). They also come with a written genetic health guarantee. We do not breed for any particular looks such as coat colour and coat length. It is far more important to consider the health, genetics, structure and temperament of the breeding pair as well as making sure they are a good compliment to one another. This is to help bring out the best qualities of both the dam and sire for the next generation. 


Black Tri Male ( Willow X Ace)

UPcoming Breedings

No Future planned breedings currently

How we Raise Our Puppies

· Our puppies are raised in the house, and well socialized before going to their new homes.

· Each puppy goes through the "Super-dog program known as Early Neural Stimulation (ENS) as described by Dr Battaglia, in “developing high achievers.” Puppies are exposed to different surfaces, textures, temperatures etc. even before their eyes open.  Research has shown that puppies that go through ENS are stronger both emotionally and physically.

· Each puppy will also go through the Vollhard Temperament Test to evaluate their core temperament.  This same test is used for guide dogs, and military/police dogs, and gives the new owner another tool to identify their new puppy’s strengths and weaknesses.

· As puppies grow they will be exposed to a variety of new sights and sounds, (rules of 7's) including scary noises such as sirens and thunder. 

· Puppies will be socialized with Children, and as they get older, will go for walks around the farm to meet Cattle, horses, sheep, cats etc.

All this and more will be done to give you a well socialized puppy that quickly adapts to your new home and your lifestyle. 

AW ELLIE (Retired)
CBCA 15422

Optimal Selection- CLEAR
Full dentition, scissor bite

BBC SADIE (Retired)
CBCA 398779

Sire: SAM ISDS 298660
Dam: GAEL CBCA 10973
HIPS: OFA Excellent

CBCA 18542

Willow is fun to work with and has a lot of will to please. Loyal and very people orientated but will be ready for work at the drop of a hat. Quick and agile she works quick and mindfully and at the end of the day won't turn down a cuddle.

      HIPS: Pennhip 0.22/0.23 (Excellent) 

Optimal Selection - CLEAR

Full dentition, scissor bite 

AW Tippin Point
CBCA 21623
Teeter is an athletic, stylish young dog who's showing a lot of promise. Biddable, sensible with strong eye and lots of feel. Taking a lot after her Sire Kinloch Kai we are excited for her future. 

HIPS: to young

ELBOWS: to young
Optimal Selection - CLEAR


CBCA B 5005724

Karma has great confidence, agile, athletic, medium eye with great handler focuse. When not working she is always ready for a cuddle and is no stranger to anyone.  

HIPS: to young

ELBOWS: to young
Optimal Selection - CLEAR

Full dentition, scissor bite 


Available for Stud to approved bitches
CBCA 16962

Ace is a super friendly, sensible and very biddable dog. At work he has a lot of will to please, stays focused and motivated, forward type, good eye, and good off switch, more eye then bite. At home he is chilled, stays calm and is well balanced. He is always ready to work, but still able to relax. When he's not on the farm working he enjoys dock diving and Disc. 

Hips: Excellent 0.32/0.30
Optimal Selection - CLEAR


SAN AMBER (Retired)
CBCA 14802
Hips: Excellent 
Optimal Selection - CLEAR
Full dentition, scissor bite